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Paying for your baby's health care 

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To get regular checkups and important vaccines, your baby will need health insurance. Some women have health insurance through an employer or are able to buy it on their own. If you have health insurance, find out how to add your new baby to your policy. You also should find out which doctors will work with your plan and what types of care are covered by your policy. Find out how much you have to pay for visits. 
If you're worried about paying for health care, programs for women and children in need can help. The following organizations can help you and your baby get medical care: 
•    Insure Kids Now! – This program provides children under age 18 with free or low-cost health insurance. It covers doctor visits, prescription medicines, vaccines, dental care, hospitalizations, and more. Each state has its own Insure Kids Now program. Learn about your state's program or make a free call to 877-KIDS-NOW for more information. 
•    State and local health departments – They can tell you what programs are available in your area. Ask about health insurance, medical care, and how to qualify for this help. 
•    Local hospital or social service agencies – Ask to speak with a social worker on staff. She will be able to tell you where to go for help. 
•    Community clinics – Some areas have free clinics or clinics that provide free care to women and children in need. 
•    Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program – This government program is available in every state. It provides help with food, nutritional counseling, and access to health services for women, infants, and children. 

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